Flu Shot Season is Underway (with Added COVID Boosters)

Flu shot season has begun and as of October 30, 2023 the general population is eligible to get the flu jab.  Vaccines for the latest COVID XBB variant are also available.  People will naturally have a number of questions about the flu shot, COVID booster and the new respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine. Here are some of the answers you may be looking for.

1. Flu Season is Has Begun

Flu season usually starts in November and lasts into the following spring.  The flu is a significant cause for sickness and hospitalization, especially the elderly and the very young.  The annual flu shot is your best defense to keep not only you safe, but those you care about.

2. Should I Be Getting the RSV Vaccine?

The RSV vaccine has sparked curiosity and concerns.  At the moment, the RSV vaccine is only publicly funded for people living in nursing homes or retirement communities.  The vaccine is available for anyone else that wants it, but it requires a prescription and it is at your own expense.

3. Do I Need a COVID Booster?

Current guideline recommend a COVID booster every 6 months, or 6 months after your last COVID infection.  There is a new version of the vaccine that offers greater protection against the latest XBB variant, which we are currently offering in our store.

4. How Long Do I Wait Between Different Vaccines?

Current recommendations indicate that there is no problem getting both the flu shot and COVID booster at the same time.  Whether you space them out or get them done together is a personal choice.  Having them done on the same day may be more convenient, but you will also have two sore arms.  Your pharmacist can help you decide what makes the most sense for you.

5. Watch for Updates

Vaccine recommendations can change frequently.  We plan to update this website with any new information as it become available.

Keep an eye on our website for updates, and feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Stay healthy, stay informed, and together we’ll navigate this flu season and vaccination options.