March is Pharmacist Awareness Month

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You may not know this, but March is Pharmacist Awareness Month. Let me ask you…Are you happy with your pharmacist? Do they take care of you? Do they know your name? Do you know theirs?

Today’s pharmacists have the knowledge and ability to do much more than simply fill your prescriptions. Every day we support people in managing chronic medical conditions like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. We recommend treatment for minor conditions such as allergies, sunburn, rashes, cough and cold. We can provide help and support for people interested in quitting smoking.

Sitting down with your pharmacist to do a medication review can be an opportunity to refresh your understanding of the medications you take. They also can prevent mistakes by helping your other health care providers understand all of the medication you take, both prescription and non-prescription.

Many pharmacists get specialized training in certain areas. For example, I am certified in managing oral anticoagulation for patients on the blood thinner warfarin. This means that I have the ability to do in-store blood tests and advise on dose adjustments. I also am a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, which means I have specialized training to better assist the elderly in staying safe and independent.

Pharmacists are problem solvers. We screen your medications for problems or conflicts with other medications and if necessary contact your doctor to resolve them. If you have run out of refills and can’t get to your doctor, your pharmacist may be able to provide you with a refill so you don’t run out of medication.

Pharmacists are coaches. Every day at The Medicine Shoppe we provide information and advice on how to deal with every day challenges like difficulty sleeping, weight loss or nutrition.
Pharmacists are navigators. Sometimes people begin to feel lost inside the health care system. Their health problem isn’t getting better and they begin to feel like they are running out of options. Depending on the situation I may be able to help by offering a different perspective, making them aware of existing support programs, or suggesting a different kind of health care provider. Sometimes people don’t know that other options are out there waiting for them.

Now that you know that March is Pharmacist Awareness Month I would ask you to consider if your pharmacist is a member of your health care team or just the person that fills your prescriptions. Your health is important and if your pharmacist isn’t meeting your needs, you deserve better. Switching pharmacies is easy. Not sure where to begin? Give me a call. I’m here to help.