Keep Safe with an Annual Medication Review

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Studies have shown that up to 50% of all prescription medications are taken incorrectly. Often this is simply because people forget the important points to remember about their medication. A MedsCheck medication review is one way to improve your understanding of your medications, and in turn improve your heath.

All Ontarians taking 3 or more medications on a regular basis are eligible for an annual MedsCheck, and all people with diabetes are eligible regardless of the medication they take. Those who have had a MedsCheck in the last year, but have had changes to their therapy, or have recently been discharged from hospital are also eligible for follow-up reviews as necessary. Most often medication reviews will take place in a private area of the pharmacy, but for those who can’t attend the pharmacy, the pharmacist can come to your home.

During a MedsCheck appointment, you will sit down with a pharmacist and go over all of your medications to help you better understand how to take them properly, identify any potential problems and clear up confusion about why you are taking them. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns you may have.

At the end of the review you will receive a list of your medications that includes any non-prescription medication or natural health products you may be taking. Having all medication listed on one clear document reduces confusion and saves time when attending specialist appointments, pre-op appointments, or in the emergency room. Sharing your list with your family physician allows them to compare what you are actually taking with their records, which can reduce the risk of future prescribing errors.

To get the most benefit from your review, you should bring all of your medication with you to the appointment, including all non-prescription medication and natural health products. If you have any questions to ask, write them down so you don’t forget during the appointment. A medication review is also a great opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet of expired or unused medication for proper disposal.

Ultimately, the person responsible for your health is you. A MedsCheck medication review is tool for you to use that can help you get the most benefit out of your pharmacist, and take better care of yourself. Call your pharmacist today to set up an appointment.