Breast Feeding Made Easier

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Experts agree that breast feeding is the best choice for mothers and babies.

Breast milk contains all of your baby’s nutritional needs in the exact amounts required for optimal growth and development.  It is readily available and saves energy, time and money.  Breast fed babies tend to be healthier, have less infections, and are less prone to develop diabetes, heart diseases, asthma and other allergic disorders later in life.  Also, breast feeding has a protective effect on mothers against several types of breast cancers, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.

Often breast feeding needs a little extra support.

The Medicine Shoppe in Kitchener is an authorized distributor of Medela® breast feeding products. Medela has supported breast feeding mothers and babies for over 40 years with industry leading technology.  We offer breast pumps available for rent or purchase, as well as other Medela products.  Anything not in stock, we are able to order upon request.    Medela Canada offers innovative breast pumps, nursing pads and other accessories for the breast feeding mother and her baby.

More information about Medela® products and breast feeding support may be found at

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